Giving Back

At Barrel House Tavern, we believe that our mission extends far beyond creating delectable dishes and memorable dining experiences. We are proud to be an integral part of our community, actively investing in its growth and development. Here, we celebrate our partnerships with local charity organizations, schools, and clubs, cherishing the opportunity to support their inspiring work.

City of Sausalito—Jazz & Blues by the Bay

IDESST—Sausalito Portuguese Cultural Center “Fado Night”

“FADO NIGHT at the Pines Mansion in Sausalito is a joint event of Youth Sailing Foundation, Sausalito Sister City, Cascais and IDESST. Proceeds benefitted the Youth Sailing Exchange with Clube Naval in Cascais, Portugal.”

Nepal Youth Foundation

San Francisco Zoo & Gardens

San Francisco Zoo & Gardens

Sausalito Books by the Bay

Sausalito Woman’s Club

“Our club fundraiser last Friday was a huge success. Thank you very much for your generous dining gift cards. We used the cards for our silent auction – one was auctioned by itself and the other card was paired with a Jazz by the Bay Table. Your generosity to the community is greatly appreciated by all. Thanks again!” -Sela Seleska, President, Sausalito Woman’s Club